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Freelance AV Tech

Job Location:

Washington, DC Metro Area and Raleigh/Durham, NC area, travel as needed

Position Overview:

The technician carries out all duties assigned by the Project Manager, this might be picking up equipment at our warehouse and office, driving to setup locations, setting up gear, communicating with onsite contacts, and providing technical expertise all while being extremely professional, a great communicator, adaptable, and detail-oriented and ensure that all areas of the show site are clean and orderly.

We review all resumes, but candidates with experience in the following are preferred:

  • Hotel/Corporate “in-house” AV

  • Hotel/Corporate “freelance” AV

  • Convention centers, trade shows, sporting arenas, exclusive event venues


Key Job Responsibilities:

Promote the company image by exercising of sound and ethical business practices as related to customers. This includes ensuring that service and quality provided is satisfactory as determined by company and client.

  • Basic knowledge of Setup and strike of rental systems for show and events.

  • 1-2 years’ experience in the Audio-Visual industry within Hotels, special events, theaters, sporting, etc.

  • Familiarity with most lighting, audio, stage, A/V, musical equipment and instrumentation is a plus for becoming an event run tech to run equipment during an event.


General understanding of Audio:

  • Patching into analog and digital mixing consoles

  • Patching into digital snakes

  • Wrapping XLR cable

  • Mic’ing up VIP presenters


General understanding of Video:

  • Identifying the differing cable genres, their purpose, and basic conversions


  • Projectors, TVs, LED Walls and Monitors


General understanding of Lighting:

  • Setting, focusing, and striking conventional fixtures 

  • Up-lighting to enhance a rooms mood or texture


General AV Knowledge:

  • Clean and crisp use of Gaffer’s Tape over cabling

  • Setting and striking Pipe & Drape

  • Stage directions (Up Stage, Stage Left, Down Stage, etc)

  • Uphold professional work relationships with coworkers and clients.

  • Participating in truckloads / truck unload for gig related use.

  • Ability to work diligently, calmly, and professionally under tight, run-of-show deadlines

  • Follow directions established by Project Manager.

  • Attention to detail. The smallest hiccups can have the largest impact!

  • Team player mindset from start to finish

  • Able to maintain calm and professional demeanor in a high stress, live event environment

  • Lead by example in all matters of appearance, work ethic, and conduct.

  • Adhere to proper dress code (no piercings, covered tattoos, steel or hard-toe shoes, black slacks, black polos or dress shirt, etc.).

  • Any other task/duties as may be assigned or necessary.


  • Maintains a well-groomed appropriate appearance.

  • Must be able to pass any background checks/drug tests as requested by company or client.

  • This is for FREELANCE work. Will be used on different events throughout the year.

Please direct all resumes and inquiries to

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